Why sell the profitable pay the price of a quality web analytics?

The price of a web analytics depends on many factors: who does it, the means at its disposal, the exhaustiveness with which it is done ... But I already anticipate it from the beginning of the article, as long as it is a fair budget, pay the price of a web analytics will be a success. Can you imagine an army launching itself against its enemy without first knowing the weapons it has available in order to design an attack strategy? Or moving away from warlike examples, can you imagine your team going out to play a final without being aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are? That's what it brings you and what makes it smart to pay the price of a web analytics, it allows you to know yourself to be able to take advantage of your strengths and correct your weaknesses and, in this way, deal better with your competitors.

Why is it worth paying the price of a web analytics?

Analyzing your website will allow you to deepen the results of your page, facilitating and optimizing the decision-making process. Well taken, the analytics will help you to know the impact of the campaigns and analyze the traffic of your website, reason more than enough to justify the price of a web analytics.

In addition, someone profane in the art of measuring can end up disoriented among all the tide of numbers and results that provide the results of the analytics. Therefore, it is essential that this work is carried out by professionals who know at all times what is measured, how it is measured and why it is measured.

So that you do not end up buried under a mountain of meaningless numbers, leaning on an expert analyst becomes necessary. He will be in charge of interpreting, putting in order and presenting all the data in a clear and understandable way.

This way you can skip the part that may be more tedious, that of numbers, and focus on the one that can really decide the future of your site: the decision making. Being able to focus only on what is important is more than enough reason to pay the price of a web analytics.

Finally, another reason that should encourage you to pay the price of web analytics is that your competitors do it. In general, this is not usually a great reason to decide whether to do things or not; but in this case you can make an exception because you must be, at least, in the same conditions as your competitors to be able to face them.

Otherwise, you will be like a child on his birthday; and not because of the positive connotations, but because you will be giving sticks to the air trying to hit the piñata. In the best case, if you manage to hit the target, for when you want to remove the blindfold your rivals will already have most of the candy.

How can you help improve the results of your business?

Knowing by the mere fact of knowing is something more than praiseworthy, but in this case the only sense that has to pay the price of a web analytics is to improve: increase the visits of a web page, optimize the conversions of an ecommerce, etc.

Thanks to web analysis you can improve many aspects of your business, since you will control the behavior patterns of the users that visit your website. In this way you can know something fundamental: why a customer chooses you or, even better, why you do not choose.

By studying and interpreting behavior patterns correctly, you will find out what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong. Depending on this you can perform certain actions, correct failures, focus marketing campaigns in a certain way, etc.

The origin of each user who visits the web is also something that you will know if you dare to assume the price of a web analytics. Thanks to this you will know if the campaigns you have implemented are succeeding and if their reach is as expected.

Another benefit for your business is that you will know the conversion path of the users, which will allow you to apply actions that optimize the conversion of these. Be clear that if your conversions always come from the same channel, there is a reason and a formula to take advantage of it.

In short, paying the price of a web analytics is not a pointless expenditure. On the contrary, it will allow you to know, if it is carried out correctly, absolutely different data to those that without it you would not have access. I tell you what!

Essential KPIs that all quality web analytics should value

A webmaster without any knowledge of analytics can be put to trastear and make a study of higher or lower quality, but if you are going to make an outlay to deal with the price of a web analytics there are some minimums that you must demand.

Before going deeper, do you know what a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is? Do you know its usefulness? If not, in this other post of NeoBlog you will find all the information you need about it:

Now that you know what a KPI is, that without a defined objective there can not be KPI and that, in addition, KPI and metrics are not synonymous and we can continue. What are the KPIs that must include yes or yes your web analysis? The answer is that it depends on the case.

KPIs for a corporate website

A corporate website is a page specially designed to represent a company. They usually consist of different pages, each with a different value and function: home page, services page, about us, about the team, contact page ...

The main objective of this type of page is to transmit trust to customers and add value to the brand on the Internet, although ideally it is also focused on getting new potential customers.

With this in mind, the KPIs that the web analysis of these pages should have are:

Volume of visits

Bounce Rate

Percentage of new users

Time spent on the web

Pages visited for each session

Percentage of leads

Conversion rate

KPIs for an ecommerce

An ecommerce is a virtual store, so, as you can imagine, its main function is to sell certain products or services by implementing the best sales strategies. Therefore, the design of this type of website is focused on this task, so the products offered have a leading role.

In addition to the KPIs of the corporate websites, others that are very interesting for this page profile are:

Visits to product listings

Conversion rate

Return rate

Users' escape pages

Net profit

Average value of the cart

Dropout percentage of carts

Key KPIs for a blog

Without any doubt, you already know what a blog is. It is a page formed by posts or entries, non-static contents (although they may have some static pages) that are substituted for each other and that are presented chronologically.

As in a virtual store the protagonists are the products; as you can imagine, in a blog they send the tickets. Therefore, the KPIs will also be focused on them.

Along with the KPIs that we have seen for corporate websites, which were also interesting for ecommerces, the most attractive KPIs for a blog are:

Total subscribers

Subscription fee

% of recurring users

When paying the price of a web analytics you will know all these KPIs; or at least you should demand to know them, because the goal is to manage relevant data for your site, not get information that is not worth anything.

As I said before, the main thing is to establish the objectives you intend to achieve. Based on this, and the type of web you are going to analyze, you will have to see what KPIs are the most interesting and useful to know the status of the site.

On what depends the price of a web analytics

As I said at the beginning of the post, and although it may be a truism to say, the cost of a web analysis depends on several factors. Of these, the most relevant are:

Who does the web analysis

What means do you have

Quality and depth of analytics

Who does the web analysis

Just like a computer from the apple multinational is going to be more expensive than one that you buy from "Computadoras Manolo", depending on who you deposit your trust to order a web analytics you will have some costs or others.

It is not the same to hire a Digital Marketing Agency with extensive experience in the sector, years of experience behind them and a multidisciplinary team that will be involved in the project that hire a young freelance who has just left to finish their studies .

But you must always have something very present, just as the price of web analytics will not be the same, neither will the quality nor the guarantees of receiving a job well done. For this reason, it is advisable not only to ask for several budgets, but also to ask for references to know at all times who is hired.

Meet the best → The 6 best web analytics agencies

What means do you have

The price of web analytics will not only depend on who you trust to do it, but it will also influence the means available to it. The location and the equipment they have, although it does not fall directly on you, may end up affecting your budget to a greater or lesser extent.

Similarly, quality web analytics tools have a certain cost. Therefore, the budget given by a specialized agency that uses the best will be greater than the one given by an amateur who uses a tool of low quality.

Completeness of the analytical

The last of this trio of main factors that affect the price of web analytics corresponds to how conscientious the study is. The same provider will give you a price or another depending on the estimate of work that your order entails.

If what you want is a brief outline, the price will not be high; but if what you request is a thorough and in-depth analysis, the cost will undoubtedly rise. The more work your work entails, the higher your price will be.

Are you thinking about doing a web analysis on your site? You can talk to us to tell us your needs and ask for a quote without any commitment. You have us with just one click, contact us!

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