SEO Services That Drive Business Growth

ROYAL SEO is the best SEO agency in the world — and we don't take that lightly. No matter what marketing goals you have for your company, ROYAL SEO will help increase your bottom line with an SEO campaign that is specifically designed for your unique business. You won't be disappointed.



Up to 80 keyphrases optimized

Web server and on-page analysis/reporting

3 content, outreach, UX or CRO assets


   $900 / month (management)


Up to 150 keyphrases optimized

Up to 16 pages of SEO copy

Ongoing quarterly keyword reporting

  $1,400 / month (management)


Up to 300 keyphrases optimized

4 content outreach, UX or CRO assets

Monthly earned media content assets

  $2,600 / month (management)

SEO Services that Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue

If you're looking for serious business growth, SEO, or search engine optimization is the strategy for you. Why does it work? Simple! It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your website, and takes them there. A custom SEO campaign with ROYAL SEO includes things like keyword research and content implementation to help your most valuable audience find you online. Not only that, but we'll analyze the results in order to ensure that your campaign is performing at its best.

Looking for increased ROI? We got you covered.

If you're looking to reap the benefits of an SEO campaign, you need a company that can provide SEO management services that earn you the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

At ROYAL SEO, our SEO experts have developed the perfect combination of transparent deliverables that allow you to see results while growing as an industry leader.

Check out our pricing table below to see all that is included in our holistic SEO services that we offer, and if you're interested in learning more about them, read on below the table! We develop customized strategies for every business we partner with but the deliverables below give you a glimpse at the depth of service we provide. We'll talk about the different strategies that are a part of SEO, and how they can help your business to grow and thrive among your competitors.

At ROYAL SEO, our SEO services are designed specifically to drive results for our clients. We pride ourselves on our winning combination of keyword research, competitor analysis, transparent reporting and data analysis that help increase revenue for your business.

We offer four different plans for our services, including our aggressive plan, market leader plan, market leader with earned media plan, and enterprise plan.

Depending on what service plan you choose, you’ll pay a specific amount per month after your initial campaign investment, except for the Optimal Plan, which features custom pricing. You'll pay a monthly campaign fee ranging from $900 to $2,600.

Our SEO Management Process


When we kick-off an SEO campaign, we begin by doing a deep dive into your company, your website, your competitors and your industry. We put on our detective hats and use data to put together a roadmap for your website's SEO.


From IA to UX, we make hundreds of changes both big and small to your website designed to better help Google understand who you are.


The content of your website is what users count on to help educate and guide them through the purchasing funnel. Whether you are discussing your company’s unique selling point or providing educational content through a blog post, we’ll provide topic suggestions and copy designed to propel your growth.


Our meticulous keyword research process is at the heart of our SEO services. The keywords we target help us define our audience and drive valuable traffic to your site.

Earned Media and Links

Earned media and off-page SEO are crucial services for getting your site in front of your target audience. Our dedicated content marketing team will create new opportunities for website growth.


Getting relevant, qualified search traffic to your site is just the beginning. We partner with you to make sure that your website is driving visitors through the purchasing funnel in a clear, concise way. We believe in testing everything and making continual improvements in each campaign.

How can SEO management services improve my online presence?

SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to help your business target qualified leads, attract more traffic to your site, and earn more conversions and revenue.

However, SEO is more than just one strategy — in fact, it’s an umbrella term for many smaller strategies that work together to create an effective conversion machine.

Let’s talk about some strategies that we use on your website with an SEO campaign. Without keyword research, you won‘t be able to properly target the audience that has the highest chance of converting on your site.

Keyword research is the process of investigating the search volume, competition, and cost per click of keywords that mean a lot to your business and your industry. As you conduct keyword research, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into which terms you should use in your title tags, content, and more.

Using these key terms in important locations on your website will help you rank highly for those key terms in search engine results pages, which is a great way to get more site traffic, and ultimately convert more customers.

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